Wide White Heels

Craig Knight
10 min readApr 8, 2024



Hello there, fashion enthusiasts! Are you tired of those narrow, uncomfortable heels that seem to be the norm in the market? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we present a roundup of the best wide white heels that not only look fantastic but are comfortable enough for all-day wear. We’ve compiled this list based on style, comfort, and value to ensure that you find the perfect pair for your summer wardrobe. Get ready to step up your style game with these versatile and chic options.

The Top 5 Best Wide White Heels

  1. Stylish Ivory Wide Fit Embellished Heels — Simmi London’s Franca Embellished Heels in Ivory satin-White offer a stylish option for a cozy fit with an elasticated slingback strap, slip-on style, open toe, and a high point heel — perfect for making a fashion statement without compromising comfort.
  2. Stylish Wide Width White Heel Sandals for Adult Women — Experience ultimate comfort and style with Women’s Fashion to Figure Hilari Wide Width Dress Sandals in White, featuring a high block heel and versatile square toe design. Perfect for all your occasions — say yes to these fashionable wide heels!
  3. Marlowe Off White High Heel Sandals — Stylish Vegan Friendly Footwear — The Lulus Marlowe Off White High Heel Sandals are a stylish, vegan-friendly option for those seeking a chic and comfortable high-heeled sandal.
  4. Modern White High Heel Sandals for Dressy Occasions — Elevate your style with Sun + Stone’s Women’s Jamie Platform White 7 Wide Heel Sandals, featuring a fashionable design suitable for dressy occasions, solid toe type, and 5-inch block heel.
  5. Comfortable Platform Heel Sandals for a Sexy Look — Experience comfort and style with the Dream Pairs Women’s Heeled Sandals in Size 11, White — featuring a buckle at the ankle, chunky heel, and a latex padded insole for added comfort!

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Stylish Ivory Wide Fit Embellished Heels

Stylish Ivory Wide Fit Embellished Heels | Image

I recently tried on Simmi London’s Franca wide fit heels in an elegant ivory satin-white color for a special occasion. Upon first glance, the shoes exuded sophistication and style, and the wide fit aspect made me feel like they’d be comfortable for the event’s duration.

As I put them on, I noticed the elasticated slingback strap’s ease and convenience, and the open toe design made my feet feel free and connected with the elegant ivory satin-white heel. At first, I was impressed by the 4-inch high point heel, but after walking around a little, I started to notice something was amiss: my feet felt unsupported.

The shoe felt uncomfortable over time, pushing my toes forward, and the high point heel seemed to drag me down with every step. The plastic on the shoe was hard where it should’ve been soft, causing strain and discomfort above my toe line. Despite the elegant design, the shoes’ construction felt cheaply made, contributing to my discomfort.

I was disappointed with the Franca wide fit heels, especially given their high rating. While they looked amazing for short periods and had a touch of elegance, the shoes ultimately failed to provide the necessary back support, comfort, and durability that I expected for a special occasion.

Stylish Wide Width White Heel Sandals for Adult Women

Stylish Wide Width White Heel Sandals for Adult Women | Image

I recently stumbled upon these Fashion to Figure Hilari wide-width sandals in a stunning white color way. As much as I am all for versatile footwear, I must admit, these wide-width heels were quite a challenge to work with in my daily life. The open square toe and buckle closure add a stylish touch, while the rubber outsole is perfect for those warm summer days.

Marlowe Off White High Heel Sandals — Stylish Vegan Friendly Footwear

Marlowe Off White High Heel Sandals - Stylish Vegan Friendly Footwear | Image

I recently added the Lulus Marlowe Off White High Heel Sandals to my wardrobe, and let me tell you, they’ve become my go-to choice for work events and date nights. The sleek, off-white vegan leather gives these heels a designer-esque appeal, and I appreciate that they’re made with animal-friendly materials.

But aside from their eco-consciousness, they’re also incredibly comfortable. The cushioned insole and well-designed heel block keep my feet feeling great, even after hours on my feet.

One minor downside: while the rubber sole provides excellent traction, it does tend to make a bit of noise on hard floors. Overall, though, these Lulus Marlowe heels are a must-have for anyone looking for a stylish, comfortable, and sustainable shoe choice.

Modern White High Heel Sandals for Dressy Occasions

Modern White High Heel Sandals for Dressy Occasions | Image

I recently purchased the Sun + Stone Women’s Jamie Platform Open Toe Heel Sandals in white, size 7 wide. As a fashion enthusiast, I was intrigued by the stylish design and the versatility it promised. The shoes arrived in a neat package, and as soon as I took them out, I noticed the high quality of the material used. The buckle closure added a touch of elegance, making it perfect for dress occasions.

The 5-inch block heel was just the right height for me, offering both comfort and style. However, I must say, the shoe’s toe type was not as wide as I expected, given the size. This made my toes feel a little squished at first, but I soon got used to it. The solid pattern of the sandals made them look very modern and chic, which I appreciated.

One of the main highlights of this shoe, apart from its eye-catching design, was the incredible comfort. I wore them for hours without any discomfort, and I truly felt like I was walking on Air. It was refreshing to find a high-heel shoe that didn’t hurt my feet after just a few minutes.

In conclusion, the Sun + Stone Women’s Jamie Platform Open Toe Heel Sandals in white are a great addition to any wardrobe. They are versatile, stylish, and extremely comfortable. While the toe width might be a bit of a drawback for some, it did not significantly affect my overall experience. I highly recommend these sandals to anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of high heels for various occasions.

Comfortable Platform Heel Sandals for a Sexy Look

Comfortable Platform Heel Sandals for a Sexy Look | Image

I recently discovered the Dream Pairs Women’s Heeled Sandals in chunky style, size 11 and white. These were an exciting addition to my wardrobe as they are versatile and stylish.

One of the highlights of these sandals is the adjustable buckle at the ankle closure, which holds your foot firmly in place while providing a comfortable fit. The 3-inch (approx) heel height makes them perfect for everyday wear, while the 0.15-inch (approx) platform height ensures stability and balance.

What I truly appreciated about these sandals is their TPR rubber sole, made from a durable and eco-friendly material, and the latex padded insole, which adds excellent comfort during long walks. The smooth vegan leather/suede finish gives them a sleek and sophisticated look, while the single toe strap and exposed sides add a touch of elegance.

These sandals are a perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability for any woman looking to make a statement with their footwear.

Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing a pair of white wide heels, there are a few essential features, considerations, and advice to keep in mind to ensure a great fit and comfort. This guide covers everything you need to know before making your purchase.


Important Features to Look For

Wide heels are designed to provide additional support and comfort for people with wide feet. When choosing a pair of wide white heels, consider the following features:

  1. Fit: Make sure the shoe fits properly, allowing enough space for your toes to wiggle comfortably. 2. Upper Material: Opt for breathable and lightweight materials like leather, canvas, or mesh to keep your feet dry and comfortable. 3. Heel Height: Select a shoe with a low to mid-heel height if you’re a beginner or have never worn wide heels before. As you become more comfortable, you can gradually upgrade to higher heels.

Considerations Before Buying

  1. Foot Shape: People with wider feet should pay particular attention to the shoe’s width, depth, and length. 2. Comfort: A pair of heels with a cushioned insole and good arch support will go a long way towards maintaining comfort throughout the day. 3. Flexibility: Look for shoes with flexible soles that can bend easily, ensuring a natural stride and better mobility.

General Advice

  1. Try them on: Always try on the shoes before purchasing, and walk around in them for a few minutes to ensure comfort and proper fit. 2. Break-in period: Wide heels may require a break-in period before they feel comfortable. Wear them gradually and avoid walking in them for extended periods until they’ve fully adjusted.

Additional Tips

  1. Purchase from a reputable store or brand: A high-quality shoe from a reliable source is more likely to provide the desired support and comfort. 2. Consider the occasion: The type of wide white heels that suit a professional setting might differ from those appropriate for casual events or everyday wear.


Q1: What are Wide White Heels?

A1: Wide White Heels are a style of footwear that features a wide toe box and are primarily white in color. They provide comfort and support while maintaining a stylish appearance, making them a popular choice for fashion-conscious individuals who value both comfort and style in their footwear. Wide White Heels come in various styles, such as ankle boots, pumps, flats, and heels, and can be worn for various occasions.

A2: Wide White Heels are designed to accommodate individuals with more ample foot shapes, providing a better fit and reducing discomfort while wearing them. They offer a comfortable walking experience and a fashion-forward look, making them an all-around great choice for daily wear or special occasions.


Q2: What materials are Wide White Heels typically made of?

A2: Wide White Heels can be made of various materials, such as synthetic materials, leather, or canvas. Synthetic materials are generally more affordable and lightweight, making them popular for casual wear. Leather or canvas shoes, on the other hand, offer better breathability and durability, making them a better option for more formal events.

A1: It is essential to consider the material of the Wide White Heels before making a purchase. Synthetic materials are suitable for everyday wear, while leather or canvas shoes are more appropriate for formal occasions. By understanding the materials, you can make an informed decision and choose the best option that meets your needs and preferences.

Q3: Can I wear Wide White Heels in different settings?

A1: Yes, you can wear Wide White Heels in various settings. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For example, a pair of wide white heels with a closed-toe design can be worn to the office, while a more open-toe design can be suitable for casual outings or summer parties. Wide white heels also come in different heel heights, providing options for both daytime and evening events.

A2: To ensure versatility, look for Wide White Heels that are available in different styles, colors, and heel heights. This will allow you to wear them in various settings and make them a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe. Additionally, pairing them with the right outfit can help you transition from one setting to another seamlessly.


Q4: Are Wide White Heels comfortable to wear?

A1: Yes, Wide White Heels can be comfortable to wear, especially if they are designed with a wider toe box. This allows for a more natural stride and reduces the risk of foot discomfort or pain. A good pair of Wide White Heels should offer ample support and cushioning, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods.

A2: To ensure comfort, consider the design and construction of the Wide White Heels, including the materials used, the padding, and the support offered. It is also essential to try them on before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit and ensure they provide the desired level of comfort for your specific foot shape.

Q5: How should I care for my Wide White Heels?

A1: Proper care for your Wide White Heels is essential to maintain their appearance and comfort. Follow these guidelines to keep them looking and feeling great for a long time:

  1. Clean them regularly with a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and debris, 2) Use a mild cleaner or saddle soap to remove any stubborn stains, and 3) Store them properly when not in use to prevent damage or discoloration.

A2: Additionally, regularly check for signs of wear and tear, such as fraying or scuff marks, and address them promptly to maintain the overall condition of your Wide White Heels. By following these care instructions, you can ensure your Wide White Heels remain in excellent condition and continue to provide comfort and style for years to come.

Q6: Where can I find Wide White Heels?

A1: Wide White Heels can be found in various stores and online platforms. You can visit department stores, specialized shoe retailers, or browse through popular online marketplaces like Amazon or Zappos. It’s essential to research and compare different options to find the best pair that meets your preferences and budget.

A2: To find Wide White Heels that suit your needs and preferences, consider factors such as material, style, and heel height. Additionally, read customer reviews to get an understanding of the quality and fit of the shoes before making a purchase. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure you find the perfect pair of Wide White Heels for your needs.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.